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The Exeter area of Pennsylvania

The Exeter ward of Pennsylvania, is bounded by Pennsylvania Road to the West and Mincinglake Park and Stoke Hill to the East. The housing south of Prince Charles Road and down to the border with Heavitree cemetery consists of a large rental and student HMO area, partly in and partly out of the Article 4 area.

There are a few shops at the Polsloe Bridge railway station end of Pinhoe Rd, and a few more at the other end of Pinhoe Road near Henry's Bar. The rest of Pennsylvania occupies the elevated position to the North of Exeter. Much of the area enjoys far-reaching views over the City roofs to the surrounding countryside and the estuary in the distance. A fact that didn't go unnoticed by the bronze age and ancient Roman folk who both built look out forts at the top of Pennsylvania Road.

This predominantly residential, prestigious area offers a quiet suburban lifestyle whilst still allowing easy access to the city centre and being within close proximity of all that it offers. Lower Pennsylvania, being close to the University and the City Centre, is popular with students and post graduates, whilst families prefer the higher areas with the better views and fewer students!

Higher Pennsylvania was late to be developed and the majority of houses were built between the 1920s and the 1980s, although some, like Pennsylvania Park, date back to 1821. There are many bungalows, smaller terraced properties, townhouses, and large detached family homes.

The Stoke Hill area is generally more affordable with many red-brick post-war houses. Well built, with spacious rooms and often with large gardens, and close to well regarded schools, this is a popular choice for families. Many properties along Mincinglake Road also have large gardens and overlook Mincinglake Valley Park, which is very popular among dog walkers.

There aren't many shops in Pennsylvania itself. The community owned and run Sylvania Community Stores and Cafe and the large Morrisons supermarket at the lower end of Pennsylvania are about it, although the area as a whole is very close to the City Centre. There is a Skirmish Paintball venue though, with paintball and laser tag if you want to let off a little steam.

Buying or renting in Pennsylvania?

You can purchase a more affordable one bed flat from £70,000 to £150,000, or a 1 bed semi from £210,000 all the way up to a 4 bed detached house from £450,000 to £700,000, with a handful of properties over £1 million.

If you would rather rent - a room in a shared house is available from £450 to £750 per month. One bed flats rent from £800 all the way up to 4 bed detached houses which start from £1600 - although there are a handful in the £600, £700, £800 pound region at the more affordable development on Rosebarn Lane.

(prices correct at March 2024)

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