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When it comes to the world of Property Investing, making the right, informed choices can make or break your success.  Sound decisions are based on a series of considerations that will shape your strategy and align it with your goals, resources and risk tolerance. There are six primary areas to dissect ...


Cash Flow or  Capital Growth?

Are you after the consistent income generated from a property, offering a steady stream of returns through rent or are you more interested in the potential for long-term capital appreciation in the property's value?


What is Your Risk Profile?

Tailoring your property investments to match your comfort levels will balance your investment goals and risk appetite. Whether you are a conservative investor favouring a more stable and secure, lower risk investment with steady returns or a more aggressive investor, more inclined to take on higher risks with the potential for higher rewards.


Cash or Mortgage?

The pros and cons of both must be carefully weighed. Cash may give more negotiating power, speed and less complexity, whereas a mortgage may allow investors to leverage their available funds and potentially maximise their investment by spreading the cost over time.


Eggs In Baskets?

Balancing diversification with specialisation is key to portfolio investing - spreading investments can mitigate risk, yet concentraing your expertise in a specific niche can produce great rewards. The balance comes down to your objectives and comfort levels.


Tenant Type?

The property's appeal and rental strategy will depend on the tenant demographic, be it families, young professionals, students or retirees. Each comes with unique needs and preferences, influencing the properties location, amenities and potential for long term occupancy. 


Refurb or Ready To Rent?

If you have the skills, time and resources to take on a refurbishment project, you have the potential for increased customisation and profit. Even the possibility of the elusive BRRRR project! Whereas a Ready To Rent property may provide an immediate income without the delay or hassle of refurbishments.

Screenshot 2023-10-17 171821.png

Investors -  looking for your next project? We have Landlords looking to off-load properties, either Ready To Rent with tenants in situ, or properties requiring a refurb.

Screenshot 2023-10-17 172033.png

Landlords - we have investors looking for off-market properties with or without tenants

In any state of repair from requiring a full refurb to ready-to-rent.

You can even sell with a tenant in place.

You can sell direct to Buyer and

there is no charge for selling.

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